School gives you grades. Somo gives you skills.

Learn the skills you need for the 21st century, from experts in every field.

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What Somo is

Somo is an app that provides amazing learning experiences delivered by experts at the top of their fields.

Somo focuses on the critical skills that you need in the modern world, not on specific subjects you might learn in school.

  • Learn from experts
  • Skills not subjects
  • Practice like the pros
  • Show your abilities
Practice perseverance and self-awareness with a marathon runner by testing the limits of your endurance.
Develop clear communication and critical thinking with a designer by creating a model and sharing it with others.
Learn design thinking and collaboration from a startup founder by starting your own business.

What Somo isn’t

Somo doesn’t replace school, we complement it. We focus on developing the skills and passions that a modern economy values. You won’t get those from just having a diploma.

School teaches subjects. Somo teaches skills.

The most successful people will be those that can adapt to our rapidly changing environment. Traditionally, schools teach subjects, whereas Somo focuses on the skills that prepare you for learning new topics quickly, being able to communicate effectively, and working well with others.

School focuses on curriculum. Somo focuses on your passions.

Somo isn’t bound by curriculum standards, you decide what to learn. Explore your passions and discover how your unique experiences can lead you to an exciting and rewarding future.

School explores academic paths.Somo explores career paths.

Do you know what professions match your passions and talents? Do you know what skills are needed to succeed as an engineer or doctor? These are things most students never learn in school.

School prepares you for exams. Somo prepares you for the future.

School says it prepares you for the future, but new graduates are changing jobs faster than ever before. The modern workforce needs generalists - people with skills that apply to a variety of industries and professions.

How does Somo work?

Discover paths of learning through purposes, professions, and passions. Learn from subject matter experts. Practice your abilities the same way the pros do.

  • Learner agency

    Somo empowers students to choose what they want to learn. Pick a “playlist” that interests you.

  • Personalised learning

    Somo personalizes each playlist to your pace & style. An educator guides you through the lessons.

  • Blended learning

    Somo blends online & off. Students collaborate together, get feedback and guidance from educators.

  • Applied learning

    Somo believes that learning is a practice. Students practice & apply real skills in their every day lives.

Somo Skills

The skills you need for the future you want.


Unlock your potential and prepare for a complex and rapidly changing world with the core skills you need in the 21st century.

  • Productivity – learn to make short and long term goals, manage tasks, maintain focus and concentration, and hold yourself accountable
  • Perseverance – learn to maintain focus and effort through difficulty, use mistakes as a source of learning, and work through obstacles until your goal is complete
  • Collaboration – learn how to work with others, share responsibilities, and achieve common goals
  • Leadership – learn how to manage and motivate a team
  • Initiative – learn to identify and validate opportunities, create execution plans, and initiate activities, projects, and business
  • Persuasion – learn how to evaluate claims, construct arguments and counter-arguments, collect evidence, and persuade others


Level up your literacy by mastering the complex tools and information that shape your future.

  • Technology Literacy – learn to use digital tools to extend your abilities and learning
  • Information Literacy – learn to find, evaluate, and organize information
  • Media Literacy – learn to create and responsibly consume multiple media sources


Future-proof your learning capabilities by becoming a self aware, confident lifelong learner.

  • Self Awareness – learn to observe yourself and your environment and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Critical Thinking – learn how to understand and construct logical arguments, and use them to create solutions to problems
  • Design Thinking – learn how to identify problems, reframe them, and come up with solutions
  • Communication – learn to listen, understand meanings, and compose and get your message across clearly, in both writing and speaking

What about parents?

We get it, we’re parents too. You want your child to have a great education and a shot at a great future. School is important, but it doesn’t focus on your child’s unique passions. It doesn’t prepare your child to become a life long learner. Somo is an investment in their future.

It’s free!

Somo provides premium experiences for learners that want to upgrade their learning and experience a variety of additional benefits. But the basic experience of Somo is free and always will be. We want to provide learners around the world with the ability to have amazing learning experiences guided directly by experts.

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